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To the Visionary Supporter:

I started this firm in November 2016 because I wanted to take a creative approach to providing my community the access to legal representation and counseling services they deserved.  My personal story led me to exclusively focus on criminal defense and domestic violence for almost 2 years, but my story has changed.

As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, I am never opposed to listening to my heart and following my passions.  And I know that I best serve my community when I follow those passions. So I decided to transition the goals of my practice and focus on helping children with special education rights fight back when their rights are violated.

This is an area of law that took my family by surprise when our son was in first grade and I am determined to make sure children and their families/guardians have the strength and support they need to fight against the school advocates who are failing to provide our children the special education they deserve and are entitled to.

I am also determined to strengthen the relationships and partnerships between parents, caregivers and school personnel so we can start improving the lives of children together without adversarial tensions.

You are encouraged to take as much information as you can from this community website.

I look forward to being of service to you, your child, your family, your friends, or anyone who needs a passionate advocate in their corner.

If you’re interested in taking a deep dive to discover how I came to make this transition, read this letter: What to Do When Your Heart Calls Out for Something New: An Open Letter.

D CARR LAW cares about you and providing the support your child needs to protect their bright future, but we recognize you may be curious about the person behind the work and the foundation of this firm.  Attorney Devika Carr is all about transparency and she welcomes you to learn more about her before making the decision to welcome D CARR LAW into your life.  Here are some answers to the most common curiosities:

Want to verify if she is a licensed attorney in the State of Florida? Florida Bar
Want to know what she does in the community? Community Committed
Want to know if she has ever been recognized for anything? Awards
Want to know what she is like aside from being a lawyer? (Hint: She’s an artist, writer, and community advocate for seeing the giftedness in children before ever seeing a diagnosis):  The Woman Behind the Business
Want to feel inspired?  TEDxNSU Presentation: Seeking Inspiration, Not Happiness

Hoping to Inspire You for a Lifetime,

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